Friday, May 31, 2013

My Workout Friday May 31st, 2013

"All serious daring starts from within."
-Eudora Welty

A.  Three Sets Not For Time
Handstand Wall runs X 30 Seconds
Toes To Bar X 10 Reps
Rope Climbs X 2 Ascents

B.  Take 15 Mins Build to Heavy Rack Jerk

C.  Three Sets For Times
Wall Ball Shots X 30 Reps
24kg KB Swing X 30 Reps
Push Ups X 30 Reps

Article-> Color Psychology...What's your favorite color? What does it say about you?

We both need haircuts.  Dominic gets mistaken for a girl, I just found out peeps at the gym refer to me as, "That homeless looking dude."  


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Workout Tuesday May 28th, 2013

"We're here to fuck shit up."
-Dale Doback

A.  Thee Sets Not For Time
Rope Climb X 2 Ascents
Handstand Wall Runs X 20
Pistols X 5 Each Leg

B.  Four Sets Of
Deadlift X 3-5 Reps
Rest 3 Mins Between Sets

C.  Five Sets Of
Power Clean @ 185# X 4 Reps
Muscle Ups X 4 Reps
Rest 2 mins

Article-> Don't Smile...I like UFC fights.  My grandfather loved boxing and I grew up watching it.  It reminds me of him and fun memories as a kid hanging out with him.  I was surprised by this article.  I figured smiling is a good way to relax and not waste energy.

Wall ball + Rowing = Sucks

Monday, May 27, 2013

My Workout Monday May 27th, 2013

"Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for their country.  We won by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."
- George S. Patton...I always liked this quote

A.  Clean BB Warm Up

B.  Five Sets of Front Squat
Set One X 3 Reps
Set Two X 2 Reps
Set Three X 1 Rep
Set Four X 1 Rep
Set Five X 1 Rep

C.  Five Sets of High Hang Snatch X 1.1.1

D.  Three Sets For Times
500m Row
Pull Ups X 15
Burpees X 15
Rest 2 Mins Between Sets...The rowing then pull ups combo aways trashes me.  I'm sure the third set will be a blast!!

Article->Do Every Morning


Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Workout Thursday May 23rd, 2013

"The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than growing from them."
-Bernard Baruch

A.  Clean BB Warmup

B.  Take 20 Mins Build To Heavy Power Clean

C.  Three Sets Of
Back Squat X 5 Reps

C.  Four Sets For Time
1 Rope Climb
10 Box Jumps
200m Run

Article-> Movement Style
Blogging it up!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Workout Wednesday May 22nd, 2013

"To achieve anything, you must dabble on the boundary of disaster."
- Stirling Moss 

Rest and Recover
Going for a 45 min bike ride as soon as I wake up.  Then some foam rolling and lacrosse ball work.  Then off to breakfast with GC and Ali.

We have some fresh South Phoenix Gucci!  Email me at to get your  Defend Phoenix shirt!  I'm surprised at how many comments I get when I wear it out.  I was doing some fine dining at the local Chipotle and a lady about 60 years old asked where she could buy one.  She thought it had something to do with gun control.  I told her it was our gym shirt, she said her son does CrossFit in Afghanistan.  I left her my contact info, she said she was going to buy one for her and him.  Gangsta!          

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Workout Tuesday May 21st, 2013

"There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going."
-Beverly Worth

A.  Three Sets Not For Time
Toes to Bar X 10 Reps
Pistols X 7 Each Leg
Double Unders X 40

B.  Three Sets Of
Back Squat X 5 Reps
Rest 90 Seconds
Single Arm KB Row X 10 @ 2111
Rest 90 Seconds

C.  Every Min On The Min (EMOM) For 5 Mins
Power Clean X 5 Reps

Followed Immediately By
EMOM For 5 Min
Row 100m

Followed Immediately By
EMOM For 5 Mins
Burpees X 10 Reps

Article-> Gym Jones vs CrossFit...                  

Two more recruits for the Cartel!  

Monday, May 20, 2013

My Workout Monday May 20th, 2013

"Act decisively and and take the consequences.  No good is ever done by hesitation."
-Thomas Henry Huxley

Ben, text me at 480-273-1397.  If anyone else wants to say hi, text me too!

A.  Clean BB Warm Up

B.  Take 20 Mins To Build To  Heavy-ish Clean and Jerk

C.  Three Sets Of
Single Leg Deadlift X 8 Reps @ 3011
Rest 60 Seconds
Weighted Dips X 8 Reps
Rest 60 Seconds
*Use 95# BB For Deadlifts

D.  Every 90 Seconds For 10 Sets
5 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
7 Box Jump Overs (24")
9 24kg KB Swings

Article-> Champ vs Chump...Lots of good stuff in this article!  How many Willer's, Wisher's, Champs and Chumps are you surrounded by?  When you're honest with yourself, which category do you fall in?  What changes do you think you should make?

Just learned how to pick up these rocks!  



Friday, May 17, 2013

My Workout Friday May 17th, 2013

"Life is the sum of all your choices."
-Albert Camus

A.  Clean Barbell Warm Up

B.  Five Sets Of
Power Clean X 1.1.1
Rest 5 Seconds Between Reps; 2 mins Between Sets

C.  Three Sets Of
 Front Squat X 6 Reps @ 41X1
Rest 90 Seconds
Powel Raise X 10 Reps @ 3010
Rest 90 Seconds

D.  Five Rounds For Time
Double Unders X 30 Reps
Wall Ball X 20 Reps
Toes To Bar X 10   

Video-> Assist...This one time, on accident, a long time ago, I assisted in saving my neighborhood.  This was a while back, a friend and I pulled an intruder out of my neighbors doggie door.  It's a long story that included a useless labrador retriever, a wrecked car, a butter knife, a sick ju jitsu leg lock and the police drawing their weapons on us.  After it was all over, my girlfriend at the time was pissed I was involved.  She said I didn't have any idea if the intruder was armed.  That's good point.  But at the time, I didn't think.  I couldn't explain why I did what I did.  It all worked out though.  The policeman that took a report from us kept asking why we jumped in there.  We didn't have an answer.  He kept saying, "You guys are badass!  Can't believe you did that.  Badass."  Everyday you can find people in need of your help.  Do you choose to help, or look the other way?  I'm not sure if I saved the neighborhood, but it sounds good!  Hahaha

Rowing whilst catching some rays!       


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Workout Wednesday May 15th, 2013

"Laziness is the secret ingredient that goes into failure.  But it's only kept a secret from the person who fails."
-Robert Half

Rest and Recover
I feel beat, I'm going to take the day completely off.

Article-> Burn...When people ask for advice, I give them honest feedback.  If they want to argue or don't see my point, I don't waste any more time chatting about it.  People have to be ready to hear what you have to say.  I don't pressure people to see things my way.  I do usually leave them with a question though, I want to get them thinking.  "If what you're doing now isn't getting you to your goals, why are you still doing it?"  When they come back days, weeks or months later, I know they'll be willing to hear what I have to say.  That's the right time to have a good conversation.

Me and Sashia aka The Queen Bee    

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Workout Tuesday May 14th, 2013

"If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness.  It will change your life mightily."
-Gerald Good

A.  Take 15 Mins and Build to Heavy'ish (new word) Clean and Jerk
*Don't try for a 1RM, just want the weight in part "B" feel light.

B.  Five Sets For Time
500m Row
24KG KB Swings X 20 Reps
Push Ups X 20 Reps
135# Ground To Overhead X 6 Reps
Rest 3 Mins Between Sets
*Goal is to do all portions unbroken.  Take a few deep breaths between transitioning movements and then dig in.    

Article-> You Need Carbs....Paleo isn't right for everyone

Here I am whilst spinning kb's into the air.  I've gotten pretty good at throwing around the 53 pounder.   

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Workout Monday May 13th, 2013

"Do not spend your life looking for security and then wonder why you never found happiness."
- Robert Brault

Sorry for the lack of posts last week.  I missed a few days at the gym, I'm back ready to go all hopped up on creatine and leucine (that's thee most anabolic of the BCAA's, if you wanna get jacked, yoked up or yammed, this should your BFF)!

A.  Snatch Warm Up

B.  Five Sets Of
Snatch X 1.1.1
Rest 5 seconds between reps; 2 Mins between sets

C.  Three Sets Of
Front Elevated Split Squats w/DB's X 6 Reps Each Leg @ 3011
Rest 60 Seconds
Powel Raise X 10 Reps Each Arm @ 3010
Rest 60 Seconds

D.  Three Sets Of
Single Arm KB Press X Max Reps Each Arm
Rest 3 Mins
*Start with non dominant arm, this will dictate how many reps you do with your dominant side

Video-> This Is Water...Thanks for the video Matty, it's a good one!!

Front foot elevated split squat whilst holding KB's.  The beefcake in the background with the rock on his shoulder makes this picture legit!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Workout Wednesday May 8th, 2013

"Be kind whenever possible.  It is alwasy possible."
-Dalai Lama

Rest and Recover.
I didn't workout yesterday, I'm going to stay on my schedule and take today nice and easy.  A lil airdyne warm up then muscle up work and then a run.  I plan on spending about 20 mins on the aiyrdyne and run, about 15 mins on the muscle up practice.

Article-> Trunk

Thanks Mario for the Metro Tech BB Club Shirt

I always like to experiment with nutrition.  I'm not a real big fan of supplements.  But I thought I would experiment and try a few out.  I've been taking creatine, bcaa's and a testosterone booster.  In 4 weeks I've gained 8lbs.  I got stronger (I got a 185# shoulder press for 1 rep, that was a PR by 15lbs and 10lbs over my bodyweight.  I also back squatted 325#, that's the most I've squatted since my back surgery)  but breathing during conditioning workouts has been horrible.  I've learned that I like the strength but would rather be able to do burpees and row without feeling like I'm breathing through a straw.  If you're taking supplements, are they working?  How do you know?  Do you know why you're even taking them?  They worked for me, I got stronger but I don't like how I feel with the extra lbs.   So I'll be dropping the supps and getting back to my healthy diet of Monster drinks and doughnuts.  Hahahaha       

Monday, May 6, 2013

My Workout Monday May 6th, 2013

"Work on yourself first, take responsibility for your own progress."
-I Ching

A.  Three Sets Not For Time
L-Sit X 30 Seconds
Strict Toe To Bar X 10 Reps
Single Arm Plank From Rings X 15 Seconds

B.  Shoulder Press
Set 1.  1.1.1
Set 2.  1.1
Set 3. 1 X Heavy
Set 4. 1 X Heavy
Set 5. 1 X Heavy
Set 6. 1 X Heaviest

C.  Every Min on The Min For 8 Mins
Even Mins X 10 Pull Ups
Odd Mins X 10 Ring Dips

D.  For As Many Sets As It Takes To Hit 30 Reps Of 135# Clean & Jerk
30 Seconds Work
60 Second Rest
* Record the rep break down of each set

Video-> "We all have dreams.  But they don't mean much if we don't act on them.  If we put them in a drawer labeled, "Some day" for when we think we'll have more time."
This video resonated with me in a ton of different ways, hopefully it does with you.  Kick ass today!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Workout Thursday May 2nd, 2013

"Despite what your mama told you, violence does solve problems."
-Ryan Job 

A.  Clean Warm Up

B.  15 Mins Build To A Heavy Clean

C.  Three Sets Of
Front Foot Elevated Split Squat W/DB's X 10 Reps
Rest 60 Seconds
Ext DB Rotation X 8 Reps @ 3010
rest 60 Seconds

D.  Three sets For Times
Rope Climb X 3 Ascents
30" Burpee Box jumps X 6
Toes to Bar X 12
Rest 60 Seconds

Article-> Stop Telling

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Workout Wednesday May 1st, 2013

"Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret."
-Ambrose Bierce

Active Recovery
Going to warm up and work on muscle ups.  My right wrist has been bugging me a bit.  My homie Tyler the Intellectual Being just got Kelley Starett's new mobility book.  We're going to try a few exercises from that book and see how my wrist responds.  I love learning from my friends.  I start to trust them more for advice and they trust me more.  Do you have a solid crew backing you up in your life?  If you don't, why not?  Are you closing yourself off to people or are you spending too much time with people who don't propel you forward?

Article-> Female Training

I like this picture, gets me motivated