Friday, November 15, 2013

My Workout Thursday November 14th, 2013

"Infatuation according to the Greeks, was an exaggeration of similarities.  Resentment is an exaggeration of differences.  Love is equally embracing both."
 - John Demartini

AM Session
HRV Green - 82- Resting Heart Rate - 45
AD 30 Mins Then stretch and foam roll for 20 mins

Afternoon Session
A1.  Good Mornings 4 Sets X 10 Reps; Rest 30 Seconds
A2.  Kneeling Single Arm Press X 6 Reps Each Arm; Rest 30 Seconds
A3.  Legs Lowering X 10 Reps; Rest 30 Seconds
A4.  Torso Row X 8 Reps Each Arm; Rest 30 Seconds

B.  30 Min Row Every 5 Mins Perform 5 Behind The Neck Snatch Grip Push Press

A1.  Used 95#, These killed my lower back in the past, they felt good today
A2.  Used 53#, for these.  The weight felt light, should've gone up
A3.  Done
A4.  Used 70#, I like these

B.  This was long, I didn't feel like rowing but my legs were beat up and I didn't want to run or do anything else to make them more tired.  Shoulder mobility is getting better, push press was a breeze.  2:05/per 500m average, 7,143 total meters.  

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