Monday, November 11, 2013

My Workout Monday November 11th, 2013

AM Session.
HRV - Amber, didn't sleep well
60 Min Run, not sure how many miles I ran.  Kept my heart rate at 150 bpm, I felt good. 

Afternoon Session
A.  Back Squat 
Set 1.  5 @ 225
Set 2.  3 @ 275
Set 3.  2 @ 295
Set 4.  1 @ 315
Set 5.  1 @ 315

B.  Cluster Back Squat 
3.3.3 rest 15 seconds between mini sets, 3 mins after each set - 275#
3.3.3 -225#

C.  20 Min TGU with 53# 

A.  All of these felt good.  I wasn't sure how I would feel after taking most of last week off of lifting and losing weight.
B. These were all good. 
C.  Left side is weaker than the right side.  Focused on keeping my shoulders packed, opening up my hips and digging my heel in to get myself out of the lunge.  

New Goals.  I really miss running.  I took over a year off from running any races.  I recently ran Ragnar Trail and realized how much I missed it.  I had two night runs, they were both awesome!  It was loud by the exchange point and campsite but after a few mins of running, it was quiet and calm.  There was a full moon, the air was cool.  It feels good to find that rhythmic state and use all your senses, feel your heart beating hard, the cool air on your face, the sound of your feet.  I rarely run with music, it's distracting to me.  With music, I miss out on all the other cool stuff unwrapping around me.  My favorite time to run is in the morning just before sunrise.  My last run finished just as the sun rose, it was beautiful.  

So I'm gonna focus on running a few trail races this season and dropping some lbs.  My goal last year was to increase my back squat and front squat.  I hit both of those goals busted a few other PR's.  The problem is I gained about 12 pounds doing it.  So I'm gonna drop some weight and focus on running.  

I changed what I was eating and how much.  I'm down 6 lbs in a week and a half.  I feel light.
This is me winning first place!  Actually this is me after my worst of the three runs I had and not in first place.  It's fun to get yourself into a bad spot and mentally work your way through it.  I had a ton of self doubt running through my mind at this point.  


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